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A service includes a check of the following things as well as Engine Oil and Filter.

After we have completed the check if we find any repairs are needed we will price up those repairs and call you to give you a report and ask for a confirmation to proceed with or without the additional work.

We reset the service light if we have done a full service check.

Basic Service;
A basic service starts out at $155 not including GST and it includes a 16 point check.

The price is for a lower capacity engine, we will give you a more accurate price after we find out how much engine oil your engine takes and what kind of filter it uses.

Minor fluid top ups such as Power Steering and Coolant are included free of charge unless a larger quantity is needed.

1. Top up wiper washer tank and additive.
2. Check Wiper operation
3. Check Exterior Lights
4. Check Dashboard
5. Check all fluid levels (Power Steering Fluid/Coolant/Hydraulic Fluid/Brake Fluid/Clutch Fluid)
6. Top up Coolant
7. Check Auxiliary Belts
8. Check Brake Pads and Rotors
9. Check Brake Hoses and Lines
10. Check Exhaust
11. Check Suspension
12. Check Drive line
13. Check Fuel Filter
14. Battery Load Test
15. Check Brake Fluid Efficiency
16. Check Wheel Bearings

Full Service;
A Full Service includes the above checks and a service indicator reset or Condition based service values adjusted for certain European Vehicles on top of that we add a free Warrant of Fitness Check as well as give a discount on a diagnostic charge making it $55+GST.

17. Check Air Filter
18. Check Tyres and Adjust Air Pressure
19. Check Cambelt Due
20. Check Coolant Strength
21. Check Spark Plugs
22. Check IT Leads
23. Check and Adjust Handbrake travel
24. Check Diff Oil
25. Check and Adjust Brakes
26. Check and Lubricate Suspension
27. Check and Lubricate Drive line
28. Pressure Test Cooling System
29. Lubricate Door Hinges
30. Reset Service Indicator